Purpur Arena and Gambucci Arena

Purpur & Gambucci Arenas are located near the Park District Maintenance shop and are both named after former local hockey players.


  • First Season Family center is located at the entrance of Purpur Arena. includes Indoor play area and concessions.
  • 2 Ice sheet facility (Purpur Arena 200′ x 85′ – Gambucci Arena 200′ x 85′)
  • Purpur Seating – 2,500
  • 8 locker rooms (4 Purpur Arena & 4 Gambucci Arena)
  • 2 Officials locker rooms
  • Purpur Arena serves as the home facility to Grand Forks Central and Red River boys high school hockey games.
  • Two sets of public Restrooms
  • Meeting room
  • Ice rentals available
Contact Information

Grand Forks Park District
p: 701.746.2750

Live Event Stream

Check out the Red Pepper Hockey Cam for live streaming from both Purpur & Gambucci Arenas.

Red Pepper Hockey Cam >