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GF Parks Forestry Operations Manager
P: 701-746-2750

Grand Forks is the longest running TREE CITY USA in North Dakota (40+ years strong) and annually celebrates Arbor Day during the first week in May. The Park District’s forestry crew works through all seasons to provide the city of Grand Forks with over 31,000 well maintained trees on its city berms and over 6,000 trees in its parks and golf courses. The crew also plants an average of 1,000 new trees each spring.

Each Park District forestry professional must accomplish certification from the International Society of Arboriculture (ISA) and must also carry certification in chemicals used for pest and disease control. These certifications greatly contribute to the arborist’s knowledge of tree care, diseases in trees, and proper cuts when pruning.

Forestry Department History
  • Park District jurisdiction of berm street trees established in 1917
  • First professional forestry personnel assigned exclusively to the tree program in 1950
  • Professional management began in 1957 with the hiring of a new urban forester
  • The Forestry Department cares for over 31,000 street trees and 6,000 park trees with over 100 species.
Forestry Department Duties
  • Planting trees on neighborhood berms to replace old, hazard, or diseased trees
  • Planting berm trees along streets in newly developed subdivisions
  • Reforestation in Park District parks
  • Pruning berm trees
  • Removal of old, hazard or diseased berm trees
  • Pest control of berm tree population
  • Dutch Elm Disease Program
  • On call day and night, the forestry department will respond to calls requiring clean-up and repair of broken BERM TREES resulting from wind, snow, and ice damage
      • Residents must call GF Police Dispatch after hours for tree emergencies.
      • Alleyway Tree removal is handled by the City of Grand Forks Public Works Department.
      • Private Property – If the tree damage is located on private property, the owner will need to contact a private tree service for tree removal.
  • The department responds daily to calls from homeowners requesting a wide range of specific treatments to be administered to berm trees
  • Consulting services to homeowners on care of trees and shrubs located on private property
  • Planning, planting, and maintainence of Park District floral and landscape gardens by the horticultural department
  • Alliances with community groups and individuals who volunteer their time and funds toward tree celebration events such as Arbor Day