Tree Service Requests

The Grand Forks Park District Forestry Department handles a variety of service requests for berm trees as well as consultation services to homeowners on care of trees and shrubs located on private property.

Interested in making a service request for a berm tree?

The Park District Forestry Department can assist you with the following berm tree concerns:

  • Fallen Tree
  • Broken Limb
  • Request New Tree Planting
  • Remove Tree
  • Inspect Tree
  • Inspect Pest Concern
  • Conflict – Overhead Wires
  • Conflict – Sidewalk Damage
  • Conflict – Prune Low Branches
  • Split Tree
  • Pickup Brush
  • Tree Consultation
  • Other – Please Specify
Contact Information

GF Parks Forestry Operations Manager
P: 701-746-2750

Place a Service Request Online!

The Grand Forks Park District now offers online service requests through our TreePlotter Interactive Dashboard! For more info and to place a service request, access the GF Park District’s TreePlotter Info Page by clicking the link below.

GF Park District TreePlotter Info Page >