Tree Removal
Park & Berm Tree Damage

The Grand Forks Park District cleans up all park and berm tree damage around the city of Grand Forks. Citizens are encouraged to call into the Park District main office to report tree damage within local parks and berms and the Park District will add them to the list of areas that need tree removal service.

The time frame of tree removal varies depending on circumstance. In the case of large storms with widespread damage, the Park District estimates roughly two to three weeks of tree removal needed for clean-up.

Alleyway Trees

The City of Grand Forks Public Works department handles the care and removal of trees in alleyways. Please contact the City of Grand Forks to report damage to alleyway trees.

Trees on Private Property

If the tree damage is located on private property, the owner will need to contact a private tree service for tree removal.

Contact Information

GF Park District
Main Office
P: 701-746-2750